Thoughts on Transparency and Collaboration

If you’re reading this blog, chances are we have already reached out to you in hopes of becoming partners in this project.  If not, please consider what I’m about to say in hopes that we may forge a relationship soon.

For the past couple of months, Nick, Peter and I have been meeting many influential and hard working people in the Triad refugee resettlement community.  These meetings and budding friendships have been invaluable to us as we embark on this film and this project.  The knowledge that has been shared with us will greatly serve our work and will hopefully lead to a really incredible project in the long run.

We view this film not just as a film but as a component of a greater project, something that can spark discussion and inform people that might not know about the refugee population in the Triad or in their own community elsewhere in the US and perhaps even the world.  At the base of it all, we hope this film and its corresponding project will encourage viewers and participators to step outside of the boundaries that society, race and religion set for us to build bridges and relationships with a variety of people.

This project will continue to grow within the next year and beyond and we hope that you will join us in developing it.  We’ve already discussed how to expand interest in the project through community screenings, curriculum, panel discussions, etc.  We hope that these outreach components and events will encourage interfaith dialogue.  If you have any ideas for the project or would like to collaborate, please contact us!

Also, please consider this an open invitation to share any ideas or thoughts you may have for us throughout this film and project.  We welcome any comment and criticism and will consider your thoughts carefully.