October 22, 2011

Saturday was a big day of shooting.  We arrived at Omer’s house in the afternoon and met his family.  His wife Neda and children Moyaed and Mihad were open and welcoming.  After a traditional Sudanese dinner we sat down with Omer and interviewed him.  He talked about his life in Sudan and what led him to escape first to the UK and eventually making it to the United States.  He also spoke of how he views himself as an elder in the refugee community in Greensboro.

After our interview we filmed Omer with his children, and then conducting his evening prayers.  Always the teacher, Omer took the time to explain to us (and thankfully the camera was rolling) the meaning behind the prayers and the importance Muslims put in daily prayer.

From there we accompanied Omer to the wedding reception of a refugee family he helped resettle.  It was a large reception at Trinity Church on Friendly Avenue.  Almost immediately upon entering the Church Omer was greeted by people he knew and had helped.  The mother of the bride was especially happy to see Omer, and they joked about how she would soon become a grandmother.  The reception was bright and exciting with lots of dancing and entertainment.