September 16, 2011

We spent a morning with Omer as he led his weekly staff meeting.  Omer was truly in his element, dishing out advice, instruction, and listening to the concerns of his caseworkers.  He is an active listener, making sure that everyone is involved and has a chance to share their concerns, but never straying too far from the overall goal of the meeting.  It was clear from this meeting that working with refugees is not a just a job for Omer, it is a calling.We see this sequence as fitting into the film by way of establishing Omer’s responsibilities in the ASC, and the regulations placed on ASC by the Department of State that oversees refugee resettlement organizations.  This sets the stage for the kind of relationship between the refugees and the resettlement organizations that is required by State Department regulations, and how Omer and ASC goes beyond it, forging bonds that go farther than a simple dependency on the organization.