September 15, 2011

This was a very informative shoot. We traveled to the Greensboro airport to film Omer pick up a Burmese refugee, named Toh Toh, who was coming to the U.S. for the first time. We showed up early to make sure we had a good sense of the situation and would be prepared when the action started. We were somewhat concerned about having trouble from airport security so we were being careful not to look like we were up to no good (or filming with professional equipment).

Omer came to the airport with Toh Toh’s two new roommates and we hurried to get everything set up because the flight came in a few minutes early. We struggled getting the wireless microphones to work and ended up just using the on-camera sound. We filmed Omer introducing himself and the two roommates to Toh Toh. Then we followed them down to the baggage claim and out to Omer’s car. It was a very quick sequence and we felt rushed trying to get a variety of shots in a short time. Despite the difficulties we had with the equipment we feel that we learned a lot about the process and will be better prepared the next time we go to film Omer meeting a refugee at the airport. We now know that the security people are less concerned with filming than we initially thought and that we need to be prepared for the flight to come in early. We will also be checking that the equipment not only works but works when we have all the components put together.