September 9, 2011

Our first day of shooting took us to Greensboro where we met up with volunteers and caseworkers from Church World Service.  The task for the day was to pick up supplies (mattresses, dishes, furniture, etc.) at a local denim manufacturing plant and move them into two apartments in the same complex for two refugee families.  It was great to document all the hard work that these volunteers put out to make a home for these newcomers.At this time we’ve decided to take our film in a slightly different direction, focusing on the work of Omer Omer at African Services Coalition (ASC) in Greensboro, our time spent with the people at Church World Service was invaluable in finding the human elements involved in this project.  It was also great to make connections with other refugee resettlement organizations in North Carolina.  Our hope is that our film is not just a film but a project, with involvement from many other organizations that work in refugee resettlement.